Welcome to Water Dog Smoke House. Our name and logo are our homage to “Betty” – the Portuguese Water Dog who spent 14 joyful years as companion to one of our founders, Steve Marchel. Portuguese Water Dogs are known as a resourceful, intelligent, and cunning breed – characteristics that Betty put to use in her quest for more – and tastier – snacks.

Water Dog co-founder Dan Greenberg brought smoking experience to his friendship with Steve Marchel (both were raised on Absecon Island), and they teamed up to become backyard tinkerers who quickly turned into mad scientists – enrolling friends and family as taste-testers that would eventually become their first customers. Encouraged by rave reviews from their community, a business plan began to take shape. Steve and Dan decided they would smoke fresh fish and went about developing an all-natural process that would cut out any of the preservatives, nitrates or coloring relied on by the “big guys.”

Dan had already made inroads in the smoked fish & meat industry at a local Farmer’s Market, and Dan and Steve were soon glowingly reviewed by a premier food critic in Philadelphia. The two friends envisioned evolving their local smoking into a niche, small-batch producer of the finest smoked fish & meats available. Building on their growing brand’s recognition in the Philadelphia and Atlantic City area, Dan and Steve decided to feature their handiwork in a casual restaurant. They think they’ve succeeded with Water Dog Smoke House – a craft-casual dining experience that prides itself on delivering unique, fresh ingredients that speak to both modern and traditional tastes.

Dan Greenberg

Dan competed on the national BBQ competition circuit, including multiple New Jersey state competitions. His love of BBQ (and requests from his friends) eventually led him into smoking fish. Dan has received high praise from some of the toughest food critics in the business.

Steve Marchel

Raised in Margate, NJ and after college at Yale, where he played baseball and ate his way around New England, he pursued a career in finance.  Steve lives in Longport, NJ with his two college-aged sons and can be found smoking tasty food for his family and friends nearly every weekend.

Creative Inspiration

Betty’s one-of-a-kind obsession with food, was highlighted when Steve came out of a store to his car, only to find Betty had gotten into the Salmon he had bought to smoke that night. Looking up, with chunks of raw orange flesh peppering her beard as if to say, “Hey man, you should know better than to leave me with some tasty salmon.”