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BAGELS  |  1.20  |  13.50 Baker’s Dozen

plain, everything, salt, garlic, onion, egg, poppy, sesame, whole wheat, whole wheat everything, chocolate chip


gluten free plain, pumpkin spice, french toast, blueberry


Bagel + Cream Cheese, Butter,
or Peanut Butter  |  2.35 

choice of bagel  +.75


choice of bagel, includes cream cheese, capers, tomato, onion, and cucumber  |  Add gourmet cream cheese spread +1.50

The Beast  |  9.25

double house-smoked nova

Squirrel Hill |  9.25

house-smoked kippered salmon

Boca  |  8.75

house-smoked whitefish salad (chunks of whitefish and freshly chopped chives)

Short Hills It’s special Trust us |  9.50

house-smoked pastrami-herbed nova 

Brentwood a fan favorite  |  8.25

house-smoked kippered salmon spread

Upper West Side  |  8.25

house-smoked pastrami nova spread

The Haverford  |  8.25

house-smoked double smoked nova spread


choice of bagel  |  Specialty Bagels +.75


Ventnor  |  3.50


Longport  |  4.00

pesto and toasted pine nut

Margate  |  3.75

caramelized onion

L.B.I.  | 3.50 

cucumber and dill

O.C.  |  3.50

pickled jalapeño pepper

BRIG  |  3.95

baked apple and cinnamon

Cape May   |  5.75

house-smoked kippered salmon

Strathmere  |  5.75

house-smoked nova

Avalon  |  5.75

house-smoked pastrami nova


served with house-made pickles  |  Add Cheese +.75

The Betty  |  13.75

seared local Day-Boat scallops piled high in a top-cut grilled brioche bun dressed lightly with our tarragon aioli

Dr. Dan  |  11.95

slow-smoked pastrami, served warm on rye with house-made remoulade, spicy mustard or horseradish sauce and slaw

The Blado  |  9.95

house smoked or oven roasted Angus beef piled on a brioche or rye, Monterey Jack cheese, house-made slaw and side of horseradish sauce

The Loafer a life-changer |  8.99

house-smoked mini-meat loaves caramelized with a crunchy crust, served on a brioche with cheddar, house remoulade

KAHUNA TUNA  |  13.50

sushi-grade tuna grilled with a touch of sweet Thai chili sauce, served on a toasted brioche with our crispy house-smoked bacon, arugula and tomato

The Lunch Pail  |  8.50

warm house-smoked honey ham and cheddar, served on grilled rye with lettuce, tomato, and spicy mustard

The Lou’s homage to the bygone  Ventnor institution |  11.95

hand-cut hot corned beef piled high on rye with house-made remoulade and slaw

Fowl Territory  |  9.50

tender, hand-sliced slow smoked or oven roasted turkey, piled high on rye, served with house-made slaw and your choice of our spicy mustard or house-made remoulade

MVP BLT  |  8.50

house-smoked crispy bacon piled high on a toasted brioche, with lettuce and tomato, with a schmear of mayo

The Gooch Featuring Tony Boloney’s Small-Batch Fresh Mozzarella |  8.95

grilled multigrain layered with fresh tomatoes, Tony Boloney’s sea salt mozzarella and our basil paste, a grind of Kosher salt ‘n fresh black pepper

birds of a feather  |  8.35

house-made chicken salad (with dried
cranberries, nuts and chives) served on toasted whole wheat with lettuce, tomato and a side of pickles

Add House-Smoked Bacon +1.50

Beyond the Sea (vegan) | 9.75

smoked and then grilled Beyond Meat burger served on a grilled brioche topped with caramelized onion, lettuce and tomato

ADD A Vegan Cheese +.75

AvoTo (vegan) |  1 piece 6.95  |  2 pieces 8.95

toasted multigrain topped with sliced ripe avocado, finished with toasted sesame seeds

Add a poached egg  |  1 for +.75  |  2 for +1.00

THE SANDY (VEGAN)  |  7.95

Abraham Organic Garlic Hummus served on toasted multigrain with avocado and cucumber


served on choice of bagel, multigrain, rye, brioche, or a low-calorie whole wheat thin sandwich round

Add A Cheese for +.75  |  cheddar, pepper jack, American, provolone,
or Swiss

Add a Meat for +1.50  |  sausage, house-smoked honey ham, pork roll,
turkey sausage, or house-smoked bacon

Add Egg Whites for +1.50


fried or scrambled egg

THE O.M.G  |  4.50

fried egg, caramelized onion spread, shot of Cholula

The Water Dog  |  7.75

fried egg, cheddar, schmear of house-made kippered salmon spread


1 Protein 12.99 | 2 Protein 13.99 | 3 Protein 15.49

served over brown or white rice or greens, with avocado, edamame, corn, cucumber, daikon, seaweed salad, toasted sesame seeds, mango, green onion, and crispy onion

PROTEIN BOWL  |  12.99

over greens with avocado and choice of 2 proteins


Sushi-Grade Tuna (regular, spicy, or seared)
Salmon (regular or spicy)
Teriyaki Scallop
Kona Chicken

Extra Protein +3.00


Ginger Wasabi
Sriracha Aioli
Coconut Ginger
Thai Chili



Eight Days a Week Salad  |  15.49

grilled super-fresh Canadian salmon brushed with a wee bit of sweet Thai chili sauce served over arugula, with avocado, tomato, and 2 of our house-smoked Cape May Day-Boat scallops


sushi-grade tuna fillet, grilled with brown or white rice, served with a side salad dressed in house-made blueberry vinaigrette

Smoked or grilled Scallop Plate  |  13.75

large chilled house-smoked or warm grilled local Day-Boat scallops paired with your choice of brown or white rice and served with a side salad dressed in house-made blueberry vinaigrette

Kona Chicken Plate  |  12.75

Hawaiian-kissed grilled chicken, served with brown or white rice and a side salad dressed in house-made blueberry vinaigrette

Grilled Salmon Plate  |  13.25

grilled Canadian salmon, served with choice of brown or white rice with a side salad dressed in house-made blueberry vinaigrette

shrimp plate  |  13.50

grilled shrimp mildly seasoned with our ginger wasabi sauce, served with choice of white or brown rice, with a side salad dressed in house-made blueberry vinaigrette


Water Dog offers catering trays for 10+ people. Please allow one day notice for all orders.

Offering FREE delivery on all catering orders.

House-Smoked Fish Trays  |  11.75/pp

bagels, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, onion, and capers, with your choice of our house-smoked nova, kippered salmon, pastrami-spiced nova, beet-cured salmon, whitefish, whitefish salad, and kippered salmon spread

Perfect for a weekend brunch with friends, High Holidays, or Shiva. 

Sandwich Trays  |  11.75/pp

choose one or all: house-smoked/roasted pastrami, turkey, Angus beef, and/or lean corned beef. Choice of multigrain, rye, or brioche. Choice of cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss, American or provolone. Includes: spicy mustard, our house-made remoulade, coleslaw, and pickles

Perfect for a tailgate, celebration, or office meeting.

Slow-Smoked BBQ Feast  |  19.50/pp

(3 days notice needed, please) house-smoked fall-off-the-bone baby-back ribs, pulled pork, Texas beans, corn bread, and slaw

Yeehaw Y’all!

Poke Bar  |  19.50/pp

choose among our fresh Poke Proteins including all the fixin’s 

We bring the whole shebang to your office, home or celebration! Your guests will love to build their own Poke bowl! Fun!

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